ENERGO-PRO Energy Services EAD

ENERGO-PRO Energy Services EAD is 100% owned by ENERGO-PRO Varna EAD, headquartered in Varna. The company was established in the fall of 2005. In February 2020, it was merged with the other company, part of the Czech energy group ENERGO-PRO S.A., ENERGO-PRO Trading EAD. Thus, the leading energy vendor has significantly expanded its position in the electricity trade and offers:

  • Electricity supply to consumers registered on the market at freely negotiated prices in Bulgaria
  • Active trade in electricity in neighbouring countries Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and Turkey, as well as in Hungary
  • Stable and reliable presence through long–term relationships with leading companies in the energy sector in Central and Southeast Europe and electricity supply to partners throughout the region
  • Good trade relations with strategic business partners, interacting on the wholesale markets with electricity, which provides ENERGO-PRO Energy Services with a stable presence and at the same time allows for further expansion of the company's trade positions and increase of potential partnerships.
  • Participation in a unique balancing group, including a vendor, own production and balancing facilities and a variety of customers
  • A rich portfolio of various products, tailored to the specifics of customer consumption – seasonal, standardized, with the participation of renewable energy production, for customers with large production capacity.

ENERGO-PRO Energy Services EAD has gained 15 successful years of experience as a registered participant in the free electricity market in the country. Over the years, the company has built a stable portfolio of many large industrial customers working in leading industries (metallurgy, chemical, glass, trade, industrial production, mining, etc.), customers in the field of services, retail chains and more.

In 2012, in addition to being one of the leading vendors on the free market, the company also received a license to coordinate a balancing group and has been successfully operating in the balancing energy market in Bulgaria for several years. The company can offer its customers participation in a unique balancing group, including its own balancing facilities and electricity vendor. Currently, the balancing group of ENERGO-PRO Energy Services is one of the largest and with the largest number of registered customers in Bulgaria.

ENERGO-PRO Energy services – Your reliable supplier of electricity!