Energy efficiency

ENERGO-PRO Energy Services is a licensed energy efficiency consultant for energy audits of industrial systems and buildings. Within its Energy Efficiency Program, the company implements projects to achieve real optimization of energy costs for industrial, commercial and household consumers. Through its own experts and in partnership with established suppliers and manufacturers ENERGO-PRO Energy Services offers its customers energy-saving lighting, photovoltaic systems, air conditioning systems, heat pumps, energy monitoring systems and management of electricity consumption, energy-saving and various appliances. services and consultations.

At the beginning of May 2019, ENERGO-PRO Energy Services became the first electricity vendor in Bulgaria with a license for energy efficiency audit.

 The increased energy consumption not only in Bulgaria, but also in the whole European Union is an increasingly topical issue. To optimize it, investments are needed, which in many cases are significant, and on the other hand, the Energy Efficiency Act and the European directives oblige us to implement them in due time.

One way to make a preliminary assessment of the need for energy efficiency measures and cost calculation is the so-called Energy efficiency audit or also called Energy audit. ENERGO-PRO Energy Services has all the necessary specialists, equipment and experience to perform audit for you according to the needs of your business.

In case you are interested in conducting an energy audit of your company, building or industrial system, our managers are at your disposal to make the necessary consultation.

Our energy audit services include:

  • Assessment of the potential for reducing the energy consumption of a building, enterprise, industrial systems and outdoor artificial lighting systems
  • Determination of energy saving measures (ESM)
  • Preparation of a technical and economic assessment of the ESM, with the necessary measurements
  • Offering an optimal ESM Package
  • Preparation of energy audit, including for the purposes and obligations to the Sustainable Energy Development Agency (SEDA)
  • Issuance of certificates for energy performance of buildings in operation